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Juliette, co-founder of Miss O and Friends, was a young person just like you when she started her incredible business! If she can do it, so can you! Check out her story: 

Juliette Brindak Blake started Miss O and Friends when she was 16, as a hobby to help her younger sister and her friends through middle school and as it grew and evolved over the years, they have always stayed true to being “by girls, for girls” mission and to provide a positive platform for the tween girl demo. 

Miss O was inspired by drawings Juliette did when she was 10, which led to the official launch of Miss O when Juliette was 16. In 2008, The Proctor & Gamble Company became the single largest investor in Miss O and the site has grown to reach millions of girls worldwide with content created by girls, for girls.

Miss O and Friends is an original media and lifestyle brand that offers a platform for tween girls to safely express themselves.

Our goal is to help build self-esteem in young girls, by giving them a safe, positive place to just be girls and provide them with content that reflects the beautifully unique and diverse world we live in, empowering this next generation of change makers.

Through our website (, Girl2Girl Wall App and our YouTube Original series, Hyperlinked, we offer a platform where girls are put center stage and are able to have their voices and opinions heard– in a safe, moderated, bully and judgement free environment. The Girl2Girl Wall (mobile link) is our main socializing app that we are really looking to grow and since it’s an app, it’s a great alternative for the other negative apps out there.

Here is the link for the Girl2GirlWall. Girls can write and share content, ask questions, get answers, and help out other girls.