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Founder and CEO of:
  - CoderBunnyz
  - Yes, One Billion Kids Can Code
  - Boss Bizz Entrepreneurship Academy

Learning to code at 6, Samaira set out on a mission to get other kids as excited as she was about coding so she created a game called Coderbunnyz™. Now 12 years old, Coderbunnyz™ is sold at Walmart and on Amazon, she's created 2 other games, she's a motivational speaker, and has created an Boss Bizz Entrepreneurship Academy to teach and encourage other kids just like you to follow their dreams. Check out her inspiration story and encouraging words she has for you!

Watch for Samaira's Boss Bizz Acadamy! It's a 2-week course, only $10 and has 8 incredible power-house speakers. 

Learn more about her here:
Follow her on instagram: @coderbunnyz