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Money for African Water Supply

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Money for African Water Supply

       In class today we were studying the world's water crisis and our PBL is to try and help somewhere in the world that is experiencing a water crisis. I chose to study Africa and the crisis there. Due to rarely any rainfall or no rainfall at all, Africa can not get the amount of water that they need to supply every person in the region. The crops are dying and causing people of the African heritage, to struggle with both food and water. But Americans can just flip the tap and there is the water. Fresh. Clean. Filtered. People in Africa have to walk incredibly long distances just to reach water that is not even clean. And I want to make that easier for citizens of Africa by raising money to dig wells in different parts of the region. Every dollar counts. I just want to help make a difference for people that aren't as fortunate as we are. I can't even imagine having to walk many hours to get water for my family with a heavy gourd atop my head. Then with a few minutes to eat, walking back again! I can barely walk a mile once a day let alone multiple times!! 

       In class we were also reading the phenomenal book “A Long Walk To Water.” There are two stories from two kids perspectives and one of them is named Nya. They have to face serious challenges to get the water that they need to survive. Nya's little sibling even gets ill from the water being unfiltered and unclean. But in the end they finally get what they need to finish their lives off right. With the significance of the event that changed their lives, the kids did not need to walk all the way for water anymore and their love seemed brighter. A school was built for the kids and life was much easier.  Salva the kid from the other story, also had to face some serious challenges with a war in his home town. He had to run away without his family and try to escape and make it to freedom while also trying to find his loved ones. He also experiences the loss of people that he really cares about but in the end he turns out to help SO many people. 

Thank you SOOOOOOO much for considering a donation! Like I said every dollar counts. I hope that one day everywhere in the world will have fresh and clean water, but until then, keep using as little water as possible. 

Best wishes, 

Elsie Rinehart  

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